How To Win Pinewood Derby
How To Win Pinewood Derby

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03/12/13- After using the FREE INTERNET stuff for 2 years with DISMAL results, I decided to purchase your manual for $6.95. OMG Zack's car went 13-0 including DISTRICT championship. I needed to do this 2 years ago, Zack and Michelle

03/18/13 - Just wanted to let you know how we did on derby day. It was last night and we absolutely creamed them. My son's car won every race. We even had a competition with the adults and his car beat them too. Great ideas.. Thanks. We will use them for the races in the future too... Julie

03/03/13 - Just wanted to let you know the results of our races. We followed your manual and we took first place in our pack. District races are this weekend and we hope to show well there too. The closest car was 1.5 car lengths behind us. We have raced the car approximately thirty times now and no one has come even close. Still undefeated. Thanks for the tips. David Jones

02/04/13 - I just wanted you to know that my son's pinewood derby was last Saturday and he took home the first place trophy!!! He hasn't been able to wipe the smile off his face yet! His car raced a total of 9 times (including re-races), and never lost once. Tommy is a Tiger Cub, and was up against about 35 other cars. We don't know yet how he did against the rest of the pack. It was our first derby....How exciting! Your tips were well worth the $7! Thank you so much! Your tips definitely made the difference. We can't wait for next year's derby! Jim Logeman