Other tip sheets
Our Instruction Manual (updated annually)
Value of product
Other tip sheets are WAY overpriced.

Our Manual has a High Value, at an extremely Low Price.

Number of Tips and pages
Some of the others claim to have "hundreds" of tips. All you have to do is figure out which ones you can do. Who has time for that?
We have tested every known concept (with digital timers). We only include the ones that give the best results, and those that most of us can do without expensive tools.
Website Confusion
Most of the other sites not only are selling tip sheets (for too much) but are selling other products as well and simply don't focus on how to win a pinewood derby or having fun with your son. Straight, to the point information about how to build a car with the best opportunity to win your pinewood derby.
Free Speed Tip
After owning this category for several years, some of the other sites are copying this too. Not sure if any are streaming video.
We show you exactly what happens when your car does not go straight with video demonstration.
Instant Turnaround
Some of the other sites have copied us this year but they shouldn't charge more than $5.95.
We were the first to provide this option with an email PDF.
Professional Artwork
Some of the others booklets use stick figure drawings and still overcharge for it.
We only use professional artwork so that you can understand how to perform the task no matter what level of competitor you are.
Focus on Fun
NO, the other sites seem to have forgotten about this aspect of pinewood derby.
Not only do we help you win but encourage/remind you that having fun with your son is really what it is all about.